Das Bayerische Hauptmünzamt ist eine deutsche Münzprägeanstalt mit Sitz in München

A warm welcome to the Bavarian State Mint

A warm welcome
to the bavarian state mint

News from the Bavarian State Mint

Tradition shaping progress since 1158

The Bavarian State Mint is one of the five German mints, along with Berlin, Hamburg, Karlsruhe and Stuttgart.
Currently, around 21% of the new coins in circulation in Germany are minted here. These coins can be recognized by the ‘D’ mint mark, which was issued when the prerogative of coinage was assumed by the German Reich in 1871.

A state-owned enterprise of the Free State of Bavaria, the State Mint is for-profit.

Buy medals directly online

We are your specialist for extraordinary medals and individual minting, such as our » Commemorative anniversary year coin. Our range also includes medals minted in gold (Au), silver (Ag) and polymer. . Now you can also purchase these medals from us online. We also offer bars and medals displaying Bavaria, King Ludwig, castles and much more. Take a look in our online shop. offer. Take a look at our online shop.

Minting to order

As the oldest company in Munich at over 850 years old, the Bavarian State Mint still stands for top quality today. If you as a company or state are interested in having your own minting, we would be happy to support you with development and design, including suggestions for artists. suggestions for artists. We then take care of procuring material, minting and processing, regardless of whether you want a mono-color or bi-color coin, with a polymer ring if necessary. also with polymer ring.

Service seal directly from us

Based on the AVWpG and NHGV (“Ordinance on the implementation of the law on coats of arms of the Free State of Bavaria” and “Ordinance on municipal names, emblems and territorial changes”), only the Bavarian State Mint produces seals and other coats of arms displaying Bavarian emblems. So, as an example, state authorities or state agencies have seals with a large or small state coat of arms and municipal authorities have seals with their own coats of arms.

Of course we also produce seals with private coats of arms or seal images on request. We also act in an advisory capacity with respect to all questions relating to coats of arms and seals.