Pres­s release on the coin programm 2019

Pres­s release on the coin programm 2019

The Federal Republic of Germany is issuing 20-Euro-Silver coins this year, to add to the current 2019 series: 20-Euro, 50-Euro and 100-Euro gold coins. A 2 Euro commemorative coin is part of the “Federal States series” and a 5 Euro Coin “Temperated Zone” part of “Climate Zones of the Earth series” . A 10 Euro Coin “In the Air” with a Polymer ring from the “moving air series” will make an appearance for the first time.

Annual programs 2019

Source: BVA

The Federal Republic of Germany is issuing the following 20 Euro Silver coin this year:

  • 100 years of women’s suffrage (date of issue: 17 January 2019);
  • 100 years of Bauhaus (date of issue: 14 March 2019);
  • The Brave Little Tailor (Series: Grimms’ Fairy Tales, date of issue: 16 May 2019);
  • 100 years of the Weimar Constitution (date of issue: 8 August 2019); and
  • 250. 250th birthday of Alexander von Humboldt (date of issue: 5 September 2019).

The following gold coins will be issued as part of the current 2019 series:

  • 20 euro “Peregrine Falcon” gold coin (“Native Birds” series; date of issue: 19 June 2019)
  • 50 euro “Fortepiano” gold coin (“Musical Instruments” series; date of issue: 20 August 2019) and 100 euro
  • UNESCO World Heritage – Speyer Cathedral’ gold coin (“UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Germany” series; date of issue: 1 October 2019).

In the Federal States“ series, the 2 euro commemorative coin is dedicated to the Bundesrat, the representative body of all 16 states. The Bundesrat celebrates its 70th anniversary in 2019. The coin has been in circulation since 29 January.

The 5 euro series “Climate Zones of the Earth” will be continued this year with the 5 euro coin “Temperate Zone” with a green polymer ring (date of issue: 19 September 2019). In addition, the Federal Republic of Germany is issuing its first 10 Euro Coin with a Polymer ring. The “In the Air” coin is the prelude to the three-part series “Moving Air” and will be issued on 4 April.

The result is an issue programs that, in addition to socio-political themes, also features motifs from the fields of art, customs and the environment. A culture of remembrance and zeitgeist flow into a multi-faceted annual programs offered to collectors and interested citizens. Further information on purchasing the coins is available at any time at


Source: Press release from the Federal Ministry of Finance

Video of the annual coin programs 2019