5-Eu­ro „TEMPERATE ZONE“ Collector Coin

5-Eu­ro „TEMPERATE ZONE“ Collector Coin

The Federal Government has decided to have a5-Euro-Temperate Zone collector coin minted with a green plastic ring and to issue it on 19. September 2019.

This coin is the third issue in the five-part series climate Zones of the Earth, which began in 2017 and will appear once a year until 2021.

Source: BVA

The image side was designed by artist Peter Lasch from Berlin. The value side, which is used for all coins in the series, was designed by artist artist Stefanie Radtke from Leipzig.

The image side shows the formative development of the cultural landscape through the stylized farmland including the edge of the forest. The field hare placed in the center is a typical representative of open temperate zone landscapes. The autumnal oak branch shows the typical change of seasons for this climate zone. The silhouette depicts the mixed woodland that defines the landscape and zone.

The value side shows an eagle and the lettering “Federal Republic of Germany”. The value digit and designation, the year 2019 and the twelve European stars. Depending on the minting location, the mint mark is: “A” (Berlin), “D” (Munich), “F” (Stuttgart), “G” (Karlsruhe) or “J” (Hamburg).

The smooth edge of the coin contains the following in-set inscription:climate Zones of the Earth.

The 5 euro “Temperate Zone” coin consists of two different copper and nickel alloys and a translucent polymer ring.

It has a Mass of 9 Grams and is produced in the two minting qualities of mint condition and mirror finish.

The Deutsche Bundesbank issues the coins at face value (€5) in the minting quality “Mint condition”. The coins are issued in the collector’s quality “Mirror finish” at a selling price above face value.


Source: Press release from the Federal Ministry of Finance