Month: June 2019

Coins in Europe are an integral part of their respective economies and the EU-28 economy. They are both at the core of the production economy as well as being closely linked to the institutional infrastructure of the economy and economic policy. Almost 170.000 jobs in the EU depend on coin production!

The Federal Government has decided to have a5-Euro-Temperate Zone collector coin minted with a green plastic ring and to issue it on 19. September 2019.

The Federal Republic of Germany is issuing 20-Euro-Silver coins this year, to add to the current 2019 series: 20-Euro, 50-Euro and 100-Euro gold coins. A 2 Euro commemorative coin is part of the “Federal States series” and a 5 Euro Coin “Temperated Zone” part of “Climate Zones of the Earth series” . A 10 Euro Coin “In Read more…