Bavarian State Mint commemorates medal on the occasion of the anniversaries “100 Years of the Free State of Bavaria” and “200 Years of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Bavaria”

The Bavarian anniversary year of 2018 will also be celebrated with a commemorative medal from the Bavarian State Mint. “200 years ago, the Kingdom of Bavaria received one of the most liberal constitutions in Europe. 100 years ago, Kurt Eisner declared the Free State of Bavaria; the kingdom became a republic. These events represent milestones in Bavarian history,” announced Albert Füracker, Minister for Finance and Home Affairs, on Thursday (7 June) on the occasion of the commemorative medal. The medal consists of a fine silver ring, a gold-plated fine silver core and a blue polymer ring in between them. The front is dedicated to the Free State and shows the Bavarian coat of arms. The front is dedicated to the Free State and shows the Bavarian coat of arms. On the back, the Bavarian Landtag (state parliament) is depicted as a symbol for the first Bavarian constitution. The medal was designed by Nuremberg artist Patrick Niesel.

Today’s Bavarian State Mint was founded in 1158 when Heinrich the Lion conferred the right to mint coins on Munich. In particular, the task of minting cash may only be performed by five mints in Germany, which in addition to Munich, includes Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart and Karlsruhe. For 860 years, coins for payment transactions as well as medals as collector’s items for customers in Germany and abroad have been produced here. As one of the largest German mints, the Bavarian State Mint stands for modernity and innovation and was key in the development of unique polymer technology.

In 2017, some 279 million federal coins and 312 million foreign coins were minted at the Bavarian State Mint. The total annual capacity of one billion units roughly corresponds to loading 450 trucks with a total permissible mass of 40 tons each. With 55 employees, the Bavarian State Mint generated net profit of €3.0 million in 2017, with sales of €16.9 million.